Jake La Botz Heads To Europe This Spring

Jake La Botz is heading back across the pond for a European tour this spring. He'll be making stops in Belgium, Germany, Spain, and France. See the full schedule below:

06-MAY: Brussels (BE) @ Rockin Around The Atomium
07-MAY: Mannheim (DE) @ Altes Volksbad
08-MAY: Hamburg (DE) @ Hafenbahnhof
09-MAY: Berlin (DE) @ Die Blaue Stunde
10-MAY: Tubingen (DE) @ Blauer Saloon
15-MAY: Madrid (ESP) @ Sala Sol
16-MAY: Valencia (ESP) @ 16 Toneladas
17-MAY: Barcelona (ESP) @ A Wamba Buluba
18-MAY: Zaragoza (ESP) @ Teatro Arbolé 
19-MAY: Vitoria (ESP) @ Helldorado
20-MAY: Bilbao (ESP) @ Antzokia
21-MAY: Trets (FR) @ South Vintage Festival
22-MAY: Montluçon (FR) @ Le 109
24-MAY: Le Havre (FR) @ Le Tetris
25-MAY: Beauvas (FR) @ L`Ouvre Boïte
26-MAY: Guyancourt (FR) @ La Batterie
27-MAY: Rennes (FR) @ Ubu
03-JUNE: Turnhout (BE) @ Goezot In Het Hofke