Welcome to Hi-STYLE Records

a label that digs rock 'n' roll, rockabilly, rhythm 'n' blues, JAZZ, country, blues, and everything that falls in between and around these genres.



Founded in Chicago in 2000, Hi-Style Records focuses on American roots music that feeds the soul. 

Jimmy Sutton, founder of Hi-Style Records (and bassist/partner in crime for the incomparable JD McPherson) has strived to stay true to the heart of this music and make his label a haven for those who cherish the rich tradition of roots music, and at the same time, break new ground.

Equipped with a world-class analog studio and a commitment to produce quality records that span conventional boundaries, Hi-Style Records strives to bring champions of the roots music underground to a wider audience. Hi-Style is always looking for new artists to work with, who have the passion and drive to make this music live and breathe in today's world.

HS tape machine B&W copy.jpg



Jimmy Sutton, along with Alex Hall, built the Hi-Style Studio to capture sound with all ribbon, tube, and dynamic microphones passed through tube mixers and preamps onto 1/4 inch tape.

Indulge yourself with a few images of the studio below.

For studio inquiries e-mail us at: histylestudios [at] gmail [dot] com