Jake La Botz, "Sunnyside"

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Jake La Botz, "Sunnyside"

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Recorded at Hi-Style Studios in Chicago, IL.

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"One of our favorite albums of the year." -Inked Magazine

"One of the year's best Americana albums." -PopMatters

Jake La Botz’s story seems entirely too cinematic to be true. On his new album Sunnyside, Jake's songs are heavily informed by his life, one that wraps shades of Merle Haggard, Charles Bukowski, Jim Jarmusch, and Sid Vicious all in one. La Botz learned from pre-war blues masters such as David “Honeyboy” Edwards and “Maxwell Street” Jimmy Davis, but Sunnyside makes a sonic move well beyond string blues. Sunnyside was produced by Jimmy Sutton at Hi-Style Studios in Chicago, whose previous production work includes albums for JD McPherson and Pokey LaFarge. The rock 'n roll groove is paramount throughout, propelled by driving bass and drums, ethereal piano, and doo-wop inspired gang vocals. This isn’t your dad’s blues music – it’s rough hewn by La Botz’s stories from the more shadowy corners of America, with an unforgettable atmosphere that hangs like thick smoke and lingers long after the first listen.

"From the first time I heard him playing guitar and singing his songs in a smoky bar on La Brea and Sunset, I became a devoted fan of Jake La Botz. Effortlessly blending authentic blues, rock, country, and gospel, he's created a sound and style that is original and yet instantly familiar. Soulful, personal, painfully funny and sad, he's a true American classic, a gift, and a musical resource that is a joy to be discovered time and time again."  — Steve Buscemi


How I Wish She Was Mine / Hobo on a Passenger Train / Sunnyside / Feel No Pain / Inflatable Duck / The Hotel (Fix Me Now) / For Nickels and Dimes / Hard to Love What You Kill / Damsel in Distress / The Trees in Cali


Jake La Botz - vocals and guitars
Jimmy Sutton - bass, guitars, and backing vocals
Alex Hall - drums, piano, organ, backing vocals
Scott Ligon - piano, organ, guitar, and backing vocals Kelly Hogan - backing vocals
Anna Jacobson - violin
Anna Steinhof - cello
Strings arranged by Alex Hall
Produced by Jimmy Sutton
Engineered by Alex Hall
Recorded at Hi-Style Studio, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
Mastered by Golden Mastering, Ventura, California