Four Charms, "Flatland Boogie" CD


Four Charms, "Flatland Boogie" CD


Recorded at Electric Audio Recording in Chicago, IL.

Released in 2000.

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For four years, from 1999 to 2003, the Four Charms performed to a standing room only audience at Chicago’s historic Green Mill jazz club. A quartet that were versatile in all forms of American roots styles, the Four Charms recalled the sincerity and musical depth of Tiny Grimes, Merle Travis, The Treniers and Willie Dixon’s Big Three Trio, to name a few. With Jimmy Sutton on bass, Joel Paterson on guitar, Jonathan Doyle on Saxophone, and Jim Barclay on drums, Flatland Boogie was their first release on Hi-Style (2000), and was recorded in 1999, at Steve Albini's Electrical Audio Recording, Chicago. 

"….they owe their popularity to the appeal of the rock n roll that succeeded late 40s jump jazz. But in the Four Charms’ snappy sets and on their just-about-irresistible debut disc, Flatland Boogie (Hi-Style), they don’t rely much on early rock, instead walking a tightrope between Louis Jordan and Louis Prima. Both Sutton and Paterson infuse their vocals, as well as their playing with a twangy southwestern flavor (appropriate since guitarist Charlie Christian, Paterson’s obvious model, came up in Oklahoma), and Doyle’s tenor solos have a touch of Texas to them. The Four Charms pull it off because they consistently downplay the flamboyant pretense and campy self-consciousness of so many other retro groups. They do what they’re supposed to do: They’re a dance band, and people dance – though even a wallflower could enjoy their lively, faithful and heartfelt re-creations of a beautiful little slice of music history." - Neil Tesser,  THE CHICAGO READER

Flatland Boogie’s track “Midnight At The Mill” is featured on the soundtrack for the 2008 hit movie Waitress, starring Keri Russell and NCIS 2013 episode "Alibi".


Jimmy Sutton - Vocals, Bass
Joel Paterson - Vocals, Guitar
Jonathan Doyle - Saxophone
Jim Barclay - Drums


Sherry Flip / Hit That Jive Jack / Gonna Rock This Joint / Swingin’ The Blues / Midnight At The Mill / This Is It / Sausage Rock / My Mumblin’ Baby / You Came A Long Way From St. Louis / Bottoms Up / Chicago Boogie / Rockin’ On Sunday Night / Flatland Boogie Blues